• HOLISTICA Journal of Business and Public Administration has been published since 2010. It was molded by the enthusiasm of the editorial staff with the support of publishers and it strives to meet the need of specialists to find various opinions from different perspectives about business and public administration.
  • HOLISTICA is not merely a journal about business and administration, it also contains a plethora of subjects that could offer theoretical ideas and practical solutions for specialists. Our authors are advised to submit interdisciplinary studies, holistic and integrated approaches of socio-economic topics and are free to express their sincere opinions without any boundaries.
  • The broad band of subjects covered by the HOLISTICA Journal can offer its readers a wide variety of interesting papers that are helpful for daily activities, academics, researchers and professionals.
  • The main concern of the editorial staff is to offer new and innovative opinions and perspectives on good quality interesting topics, cordially inviting you to become part of our interdisciplinary research.