What is HoRA?

The Association Holistic Research Academic (HoRA) aims to create an international network to promote the idea of a holistic approach in academic and scientific research and allow for sustainable economic development and good governance.
It will contribute to the highlight the importance of education and scientific research for the socio-economic life and to be a convincing plea for working together to identify solutions in creating sustainable development, increasing quality of life, globalization on fair principles.
Areas of interest includes socio-economic, administrative, political sciences, governmental sciences, law, management, marketing, international relations, sociology, psychology, information technology, communication sciences, environment and environmental protection, technical sciences, medical sciences, etc.
To reach the goals HoRA will promote various activities as journals editing, conferences, seminars, summer schools, workshops, studies, reports, projects etc.
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Why to be member?

Short and simple if you are an academic or a researcher and want to be part of this network and contribute to the idea that „together we can create a better world”. If you believe in holistic approach and consider it a way to have a better picture on the socio-economic environment and other systems. If you consider yourself part of a bigger entity. If you want to share your work and findings and to know other work and findings. If you want to be member of a special team.
How to become member?
Send your CV and application form to the email: hora_association@holisticajournal.ro

Yearly membership fee is 100 Euro or 400 lei (for Romanian)
Asociatia Holistic Research Academic, Bucuresti
RO 77 INGB 0000 9999 0630 6077
ING Bank – Office Oltenitei

Legal information

The Association Holistic Research Academic (HoRA) is a professional body setup according to the provisions of the Government Ordinance no. 26 of 30.01.2000 on associations and foundations, approved with amendments by Law 246/2005, as well as the Decree no. 31/1954 on natural and legal persons, republished, and the constitutive document and statute, registered under the Certificate no 37/ 9.05.2016 of the District Court 4 and Fiscal No. 36567712/ 29.09.2016.