HOLISTICA Journal of Business and Public Administration is a peer‐reviewed journal and an official publication of the Association of Holistic Research Academic HoRA.
The journal covers abroad area of domains, such as: management (general, strategic, project, human resources, financial, production, quality, information system, company, foreign investment etc.), public management (good governance, public finance and budgeting, sustainable development, public institutions, public investment, public services, public expenditure etc.), marketing (strategic marketing, sales policies, customer behavior, market segmentation, marketing research, supply and demand etc.), public and nonprofit marketing (strategic marketing, public policies, citizens’ behavior, marketing research, public supply and demand etc.), business administration (entrepreneurship, business approach, accounting, planning, decision making etc.), business communication, public administration (subjects that depict a vivid image of administration), law (regulations, EU directives, commercial legislation, labor law etc.), public law (administrative, civil European etc.), economics (macro and microeconomics, forecast, statistics, national strategies etc.).

The multitude of relations and interdependences between the economic, social and political environments create the context for integrated multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary analyses, in which specialists from various hematic areas could offer solutions to current issues. In this context, the journal encourages and aims to bring together scientific and methodological research, viewpoints that would explain the behavior of the specific components and the effects on the whole.