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Consumer Preference of Packaged Rice and Bulk Rice in Surabaya

Authors: Sri WIDAYANTI, Indra Tjahaja AMIR, Pawana Nur INDAH, Fanny SEPTYA
Abstract: This study aims to analyse consumer preference on the attributes of rice and describe the comparison of performance of packaged rice and bulk rice in the eyes of urban consumer. The method of this study uses survey on 100 respondents chosen purposively. The primary data that is obtained is analysed quantitatively using the attitude multi-attribute model from Fishbein. Based on the analysis result, it is known that expiration clarity is a positive attribute in both packaged rice and bulk rice, followed by the ease of obtaining in the bulk rice, and the contents in the packaged rice. The attributes with positive value indicates the key factor that determine consumer’s assessment in choosing certain rice brand. From the semantic differential comparison, it is found that branded packaged rice is generally better in attributes compared to bulk rice. According to the results, the efforts to increase rice agro-industrial in local farmer level are recommended, so that they can enjoy the benefits of the multi-attributes attached in the branded packaged rice that they produced.