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Work Family Conflict, Recovery Experience, & Employee’s Weel Being in Working Women (Case Study of Nurses on Inpatient Division at Hospital in Bandung)

Authors: Wiendy Puspita SARI
Abstract: Work Family Conflict (WFC) often occurs in working women. This study discusses the influence of WFC on Employee's Well Being with Recovery Experience as a moderator variable. The purpose of this study are to analyze WFC, Recovery Experience, & Employee's Well Being for working women, and to find out the influence of WFC on Employee's Well Being directly or indirectly through Experience Recovery for working women. The method used was the survey method by giving questionnaires to 30 nurses in Inpatient Division at Hospital in Bandung. This study use Partial Least Square (PLS) to analyze the relation between variables. The measurements of WFC are work-family conflict & family-work conflict. The measurements of Recovery Experience are psychological detachment from work & verbal expression of emotions. The measurement of Employee's Well Being are psychological strain & life satisfaction.