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The Implementation of Village Fund Policy: A Comparative Study in Improving the Public Welfare in Two Villages in Pati Regency, Central Java

Authors: Djoko UDJIANTO, Abdul HAKIM, Tjahjanulin DOMAI, Suryadi SURYADI
Abstract: This research attempts to describe and analyse the implementation process of Village Fund in two villages in Pati Regency, Central Java. This qualitative research was conducted in Tambakromo Village and Mojomulyo Village. The result shows that the implementation of Village Fund has been in accordance with the substance of rules that underlies the village fund policy, such as how to transfer the fund, the planning, the implementation procedure, the liability, and the monitoring of the village fund. However, in their participation in the implementation of village fund policy, the actors who have big roles in allocating the village fund were the internal bureaucracy actors. Meanwhile, the participation of the local community was low. Ideally, the local community should greatly participate starting from the planning step up to the monitoring of Fund Policy.