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The Study on the Agricultural Trade Pattern Between China and Central and Eastern Europe Countries Under the "16 + 1" Cooperation Mechanism

Authors: Mengyang QI
Abstract: This article is based on the 2008-2017 data from the UN Merchandise Trade Database and analyzes the trade patterns of agricultural products between China and 16 Central and Eastern European countries in terms of trade competitiveness, complementarity and trade potential by using the index of revealed Comparative Advantage, the index of trade complementarity and the index of trade intensity. The results show that China and 16 countries are highly competitive in multi-chapter products, but there are significant differences in the export advantages of different countries' agricultural products and strong trade complementarity, and the trade links between China and 16 countries are loose In the multi-chapter products have greater trade potential. China and the 16 central and eastern European countries should make full use of the "16 + 1" Cooperation Mechanism to expand bilateral agricultural trade.