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An Integrated Study of Coffee and Cacao Plantation Management in Supporting Tourism-Based Agribusiness in East Java, Indonesia

Authors: Arig Dewi Mahari SOETRIONO, Sri Tjondro WINARNO
Abstract: This research aims to: (1) understand the factors which become the drivers and inhibitors of the implementation of integrated management model of coffee and cocoa plantation, and (2) determine the strategy of integrated management model of coffee and cocoa plantation. The research location is determined using purposive method. The location of the research object is located in Jember Regency, Lumajang, and Malang. The research design is using descriptive and analytical survey method, while the sampling is done using Snowball Sampling method. The data analysis of this research is using: (1) Descriptive Analysis; (2) Revenue Analysis; and (3) Force implementation Analysis (FFA). The research result shows that: (a) The driving factors of the implementation of integrated management model of coffee and cocoa plantation are the variety of agricultural crops (plantation products, agricultural products, and livestock), while the inhibiting factors are weak networks among government institutions and stakeholders; and (b) The strategy of the implementation of management model are: (i) the role and participation of the community as managers; (ii) contribution from government and stakeholders; (iii) specific integrated plantation management; (iv) provision of facilities; (v) clarity of the implication of the model on local communities, tourists, and government. The implementation of the principles model can be operationalized, after it is agreed upon by stakeholders and if the models are ‘community-based’.