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Influence of System Quality, Information Quality, Service Quality on User Acceptance and Satisfaction and Its Impact on Net Benefits (Study of Information System Users Lecturer Performance Load (BKD) in Malang State University)

Authors: Rini, WIDIASTUTI, Bambang Santoso, HARYONO, Abdullah, SAID
Abstract: This study aims to examine the influence of system quality, information quality, and service quality of the lecturer at Malang State University. This study will also investigate the effect on user satisfaction and its impact on net benefits for users of UM Information System Expenses. This study applies a modification of the information system success model from DeLone& McLean. The model is analyzed by modeling the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) based on components or variants (component based) that are popular with Partial Least Square (PLS) using SmartPLS version 3.2.8. The results of this study are expected to be adopted as input and consideration in developing, improving, and improving the performance of the UM BKD information system. The research design used in this study is quantitative research. Respondents in this study were 93 UM PNS lecturers who were actively teaching. The questionnaire was online distributed by accessing the page provided. The results showed that there was a positive but not significant effect between system quality, information quality, and service quality on the use of the BKD system. However, there is a positive and significant influence between system quality, information quality, and service quality on the BKD system user satisfaction, between the uses of the BKD system on net benefits, and between the satisfaction of the BKD system users on net benefits. The implementation of BKD UM information system can be declared successful because there is a positive correlation between variables.