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Starbucks in the World

Authors: Hui-Jung, CHUANG
Abstract: Many young people want to work in coffee shops or even open coffee shops, so they set off a wave of entrepreneurship, but according to a survey by the world magazine, Entrepreneurial momentum is strong in Taiwan, and the proportion of entrepreneurship is higher than that of the United Kingdom, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, second only to the United States, but Taiwan’s entrepreneurial “death rate” is also significantly higher than these countries. According to the information of the chief accounting office, Taiwan’s entrepreneurship rate was far greater than the rate of business closure before 2000, but after 2000, the chances of successful entrepreneurship fell sharply.Also, many people are used to sipping a cup of coffee in the morning to start a good day. In recent years, the coffee market has developed rapidly in Taiwan, and convenience stores have launched promotional advertisements for cheap coffee. However, we have found that Starbucks, a high-priced coffee brand, has not joined the ranks of cheap coffee. They still maintain their high price and high quality. The most important thing is that we did not see Starbucks ads on any TV commercials or print media. Why did Starbucks not use advertising, but still stand in front of the coffee market? Starbucks products often seem as a luxury. The most common cup of American coffee costs NT$100,whereas a cup of coffee at the convenience store costs only NT$45. Why are so many people willing to pay twice the price? The main reason is the quality and service of Starbucks. Enter into Starbucks, customers can order the beverages without the ice and full of milk, or anything which you want. Customers also enjoy free WIFI in the store, provide mobile phone charging or laptop socket, the staff will serve you with the most enthusiastic attitude. The brand advertise that as long as you ask for what he can do, the partners will meet your needs. In addition, Starbucks products are quite diversified, attracting a large number of consumer groups. From high-quality coffee, decaffeinated beverage juices and Frappuccino, to localized tea drinks in the Greater China region, the needs of every guest are met. Apart from the food, it also sells coffee makers, coffee beans, trendy mobile phone cases that are popular among young people, mobile power supplies, CDs in the store, and mugs and accompanying cups for various themes.