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The antecedents influencing shoppers’ frequencies of visit and purchase intention in the shopping mall: A study on the pull factors

Authors: Amy Chu May, YEO, Wei Seng, ONG, Choon Ling, KWEK
Abstract: The study aims to examine the perceived antecedents that influence the selection of shopping malls and determine the predictive nature of visit frequency that might lead shoppers to the intended purchase. Hence, the research question asked “to what extent the six determinants would most likely to affect shoppers frequency of visit to the malls and their purchase intention”. The method employed was positivist paradigm using questionnaires administering to young and adult respondents. A total of 200usable samples were used for the SPSS analyses. Several primary statistical tools were used such as descriptive analyses, reliability test, factor analysis, multivariate and bivariate regressions. The results revealed that all constructs reliability were above Cronbach alpha 0.70 and both the convergent and discriminant validities were met via the exploratory factor analysis. The finding concluded that convenience, tenant variety, functional attributes, hedonic value and promotion are positively related to the frequency of visit. In addition, frequency of visit is also positively related to the purchase intention. The finding of this research provided both theoretical and practical implications.